Microgreens: Tiny plants full of nutrients

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You’ve heard us talk about them before, but what are microgreens and why do we love them so much? Trust us when we say, they’re more than just a great garnish for a dish.

Microgreens are plants that are harvested at their earliest stage when the cotyledon leaves or one to two of their first true leaves appear depending upon variety.

When plants have reached this stage of development, they have all of the nutrients they need to grow into their full size if planted into soil, but none of those nutrients have been spent on growing yet. This means that there are more nutrients in their leaves at this stage than when they have grown to maturity. Researchers have found that many micros have 4 to 6 times as many nutrients as their mature plant counterparts with some microgreens having up to 40 times the nutritional content of their mature plant counterparts (we’re looking at you, radish micros!) They have also been found to be higher in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and and lutein which is great for eyes, skin and fighting cancer.

Beyond their health benefits and the ability to sneak in a lot of vitamins in a small amount of food, these little buddies are chock full of flavor! Our favorites right now are pea, radish and broccoli shoots. We are adding new varieties to our microgreen offering over the season so come visit us at market to sample our newest additions. We think you’ll be hooked. We know that we are!